The company "Best Abrasive" offers a wide range of types of sanding materials to provide an extensive range of special sanding characteristics. This is necessary for maximum efficiency in a wide range of options dictated by industry today. BEST products in their price group successfully compete with the best global manufacturers.

advantagesThe company "BEST ABRASIVE Ltd." is engaged in the production of a wide range of sanding materials.

We offer our customers an extensive line of products with a variety of sanding characteristics. "BEST ABRASIVE Ltd." creates materials that allow you to perform an extensive range of operations required in modern industry. In its price group of products, BEST ABRASIVE Ltd. products successfully compete with leading global manufacturers of sanding materials.


Eight advantages of the company “BEST ABRASIVE Ltd.”

High quality products

High quality products, which are provided by modern equipment used by us, and excellent quality of raw materials;


The stability of the quality of each new parcel of goods, which is ensured by strict control at all stages of production;

Price - quality

The balance of quality and price for our products, which makes it widely available to homeland consumers;

European standards

Compliance of our sanding materials not only with the company's own technical conditions, but also with ISO, DSTU and GOST standards;


ВThe ability to respond quickly to the needs of customers and in a short time make the necessary batches of specific products to our customers;

Solid experience

Existence of extensive engineering and technological experience of our specialists, which allows us to keep up with the times and meet all the requirements of the market;

Product samples for free

samples of all our products, by which they can judge their quality, we also offer our customers deferred payments and free shipping;

POS materials

We provide all our offerors with products with our branding, advertising stands, and permanent support on the delivery and quality of materials.


«BEST ABRASIVE Ltd.» products are delivered in high-quality packaging, with appropriate inserts, and packaging is created taking into account the convenience of transportation.


Sanding discs from «BEST ABRASIVE Ltd.» have a number of advantages over competitors' products:

  1. Our discs are 80% made of aluminum oxide, which gives the disk strength and prevents fragmentation of the fragments, and 20% of zirconium, which makes the circles more productive than the products of competitors.
  2. Our sanding discs are reinforced with a special fiber opticnet, which is located in two layers. This allows us to make the grid cells smaller, as well as to increase the duration of use and the safety of our products.
  3. In the production of our disks we use special high-tech roasting in the oven. At observance of the calculated baking parameters, epoxy resin effectively binds the elements of the circle and provides high quality and technological properties of our products.
  4. With high quality products, our prices for you remain low and much more profitable than prices of other manufacturers.

Product catalog

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